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Listen and Learn
Listening is at the core of everything that we do. It seems common sense but there is a wealth of information to be derived from listening. We listen to your needs and we listen to the consumer. Through various methods backed by scientific knowledge we are able to gather information about who is consuming your product, who else is likely to consume it and who you may have not thought about yet but could turn out to be additional profit sources.
We listen to them, to what they want, what they like, what they dislike we listen and listen some more in order to gain insights that helps us build a brand that will speak to your consumer.

The Brand Experience
It does not matter if you sell a product, heavy-duty equipment or a hotel room what the consumer wants is an experience. By becoming your Marketing and Advertising partner we help you build an experience by analyzing all the consumer touch points and creating engaging and fulfilling experiences tied to your brand at every step of the purchasing decision. We go as deep as helping you find the best way for your receptionist to greet customers or the best way to answer customer support questions all the way to storefront and waiting area ambiance design to the way a receipt is presented or a product packaged. Every touch point is covered in order to create a complete brand experience that satisfies and delights your consumer.

This includes but is not limited to:
 → Website design
 → Collateral Material (Stationery, Business Cards, Brochures, Menus, Sales Kits)
 → Store-Front, Signage and Wait room Design
 → Window Displays

A brand that sticks on consumers mind and is the first choice when the need arises is our main goal. We help you build your brand and make it famous. We create provocative material that commands attention through the use emotional connections be it humor, shock, elegance, admiration or other forms of communication that may appropriate for your brand. We plug your brand and create presence where your consumers direct their attention.

Seed Branding Studio is a full service agency able to create material for all available communication channels such as:

 → TV
 → Radio
 → Outdoor
 → Print
 → Direct Mail
 → Web Advertising (PPC, Remarketing)
 → Smart phone and new media

Social Media advertising is dominating the industry. We can help you connect directly and on real time with your consumer by creating engaging content that elicits interaction and loyalty.

 → Social Media Management and Content
 → Social Sampling
 → Reputation Monitoring
 → Analytics

Loyalty Programs and Data Mining
Sometimes overlooked, loyalty programs are one of the most important things a company should have. There is so much effort involved in gaining customers that it only makes sense to fiercely maintain the ones you already have and keep them satisfied and loyal. Through data mining we are able to identify the purchasing behaviors and patterns of your customer base. This allows us to create loyalty programs that speak directly in a customized way to each client, in order to keep them engaged, active and delighted.

Sometimes nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Through creative events and sponsorship opportunities we are able be present at highly targeted places. Our event services include:

 → Convention site and promotional material design
 → Product Sampling events
 → Sponsorships
 → Experiential Set Design



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